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How Strucutred​ Data Can Dramatically Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

Structured data is a fairly new search engine optimisation tool that is under utilised by many search engine marketers in the industry. In this blog post we will go over what structured data is, how it can help your SEO and how to implement it effectively into your website.

Structured data helps Google understand more about what your specific website contains and what it is about. Structured data is placed onto your site by placing into your code a script tag that contains some JSON data that google understands. This is not visible to the visitors of your webpage and is only visible to robots that are visiting your website. There are many different types of structured data that Google provides, each of these is specialised towards a certain business and use. For example if your browsing Google and see a company with review stars underneath that is a type of structured data called an aggregate review. You can see all the types of structured data as well as the raw code that is needed to go into your site here:

Including this code in your website has a few advantages. The first is that it enables search engine robots to more easily understand the content that your website is offering. This can only be a good thing right and will definitely help with search engine ranking. The second advantage is that you have the chance to obtain a Google rich snippet. These rich snippets vary depending on the type of structured data that has been implemented on the website but it makes your website stand out to potential visitors and has been proven to improve click through rates to your site. You can read more about rich snippets and why they’re important to SEO here

For most business owners the site of structured data can be scary and confusing. Luckily if your site is powered by WordPress there is a plugin which can help make the process a lot easier to carry out. Here is the link to it It enables whoever is in the WordPress backend to quickly markup what each page is about and pick the appropriate structured data required for each page and means that the user does not have to deal with any code when implementing structured data.

Here at predator web Worcester structured data is something we take very seriously and believe that this approach is under valued in the SEO world and for increasing click through rates. We will help your business implement this technique effectively as well as other crucial SEO techniques. Get in touch today to talk about we can help your digital strategy.

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