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How To Make Your Mobile App Stand Out

The mobile application market in 2019 is saturated. Today there is likely already at least 10 apps on the App Store that do the same thing that your app is offering. The key is to be different and to keep your application updated with the latest features. At Predator Web Worcester we make mobile apps that are unique and use the latest features.

Watch App

One of the newest features that is available for mobile application developers is the ability to create a watch app for your application. This allows users who own a smart watch to experience a very simple version of your application right on your wrist. This means that the user does not have to reach for their phone every time they want to check something which saves time and makes the user more likely to use your application.

Touch ID

Many apps that rely on security features have for long resorted to using a passcode or entering they’re account password to make sure that it is you logging in. But a more modern technique would be to use Touch ID to verify the user. Not only is this more secure as it is a unique form of identification but it is much more convenient for the user as they don’t have to remember a password or passcode each time they want to enter your application.

Making Use Of Full Screen

On newer devices many of the screen sizes seem to be increasing. This is a good thing for the user and you as your application has more room to utilise. Many applications have not been updated to support the more modern screen sizes. This gives your application a great opportunity to provide a higher user experience and take market share.

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