PPC stands for pay per click marketing. It is a fairly new technique that is used by companies across the world to get their product at the top of Google and shows to relevant customers which is more likely to get conversions. 

Here at predator we are one of the only companies in Worcester to provide this service to our customers. We take pride in designing your adverts to make them the most appealing to customers.

Google ads ppc campaign

Account Management

We set your Google ads account under our management. This means that you still remain in full control of the account but we are allowed to make changes and updates to your ads.

Targeted Adverts

We make sure that your adverts are targeted at your desired audience. This increases the likelihood of getting conversions and means your budget is better spent.

Clear Communication

We make sure that there is a regular stream of communication to you with monthly updates on how your ads are performing. This allows us to come up with next steps and potential improvements for your ads.