PPC stands for pay per click marketing. It is a fairly new technique that is used by companies across the world to get their product at the top of Google and shows to relevant customers which is more likely to get conversions.

Here at predator we are one of the only companies in Worcester to provide this service to our customers. We take pride in designing your adverts to make them the most appealing to potential customers.

Google ads ppc campaign

Account Management

We set your Google ads account under our management. This means that you still remain in full control of the account but we are allowed to make changes and updates to your ads.

Targeted Adverts

We make sure that your adverts are targeted at your desired audience. This increases the likelihood of getting conversions and means your budget is better spent.

Clear Communication

We make sure that there is a regular stream of communication to you with monthly updates on how your ads are performing. This allows us to come up with next steps and potential improvements for your ads.

Our Proven Approach To A Successful PPC Campaign

Wheather you have a current PPC campign set up or wish to start afresh our first mission is to find out your business goals/objectives and competitors. Once we have this information we can begin to review your existing campaign or draw up plans for a new one. We will produce a report which will help show you the best way forward for your google ads campaign.

PPC Factors we check in our audit

-Click through rate
-Conversion rate
-Design of display adverts to maxmise conversions
-Conversion tracking using Google Tag Manager
-Landing page optimisation
-Cost per click

With your PPC campign under our control your in good hands right from the outset.

Quick & Cheap PPC Wins

If your looking to get the best value for money or just want to see how Google ads can help your business acheive more sales and leads then we reccomend geo targetting your adverts to areas that are located around your chosen area of business. This not only ensures that your target market are going to be seeing your ads but it means no wasted budget on customers that are too far away from your business. Here at predator we will help in this process by identifying locations around your business where your customers are located. This will get updated on a month by month basis based on the succses of the area in terms of the amount of leads and conversions which we track for you.

Targeted Effective Display Ads

One of the most powerfull and effective ways to advertise online is by using Google's display ads network. These are the adverts that you see on the side of websites or across the header. These are known as banner ads. With display ads we have an amazing amount of power to control how these are seen and where they're seen. For example we can control what websites your advert shows up on as well as the exact age, sex and location a visitor is in. These are monitored on a month by month basis by Predator Web Worcester to ensure they're reaching your target market.

Remarketing Display Ads

Another great and cheap method to maxmise conversions is to trigger remarketing ads for your display ads campaign. This means that once a customer has been on your website but maybe abandoned their basket your businesses advert will start showing up on websites as they surf the web. For this advert you could offer them a discount code or just show a standard advert to entise them back to your site again. Here at Predator web we track all the conversions so that you get a clear picture of how your campaigns are doing.

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