Competitor Pay Per Click Marketing

Would you like visitors of your competitor’s sites to start seeing adverts for your site? Google has recently launched a new feature called custom affinity audiences. This allows us to enter the URL’S of your competitor’s website and we let Google do the rest.

The adverts that are shown are called display ads and they focus on showing a graphic which we produce that shows off your website. These often come with a call to action button at the bottom that links to your website.

Google Adwords logo on a wooden background

Value For Money

This approach is considerably cheaper than other methods of PPC as it is being directly targeted at users that visit your competitors. This means they are likely interested in a product or service in your field saving you showing adverts to internet users that are not interested.

Instant Results

As soon as we set up your advertising campaign your users will begin to see adverts for your business appear after a user has visited your competitors website. This is much faster than other methods of PPC.

Set Up From £99

We're able to offer this service for your business with a £99 setup fee. This cost is a one time fee and covers us creating the display adverts that will show across the Internet.