Search engine optimisation is now crucial for your site to gain a presence on a crammed world full of websites. Here at predator we like to do things differently. Many agencies will just take your website and apply the same technique. We on the other hand will analyse your web site and decide what the best course of action is for you. We use modern techniques to rank your website to it’s true potential.

Google analytics presented on a tablet


We also can offer you the opportunity to spend your budget on pay per click marketing. This means you show advertisiments at the top of Google for any keyword or phrase you desire.


We are flexible and will fit to whatever budget your business is comfotable with. Each month we will analyse your budget and decide the best way to spend your budget to get results.

Monthly Meetings

As part of all of our packages you will have the opportunity to check in with us so we can show you how your site is doing and so we can advise you the best course of action.