The Web Development Process

The Web Development Process

Here at predator web, we like to think we’re different when it comes to web development. We have scoured the web for the best processes and the pros and cons of each approach. So here is what we think is the best approach and is what we use.

The first stage is establishing what you would like to achieve from the project. This involves conversations that help shape the design of the new website. We then go off and carry out an audit of your current site. This involves an SEO audit, page speed audit as well as a content audit. 

Using these audits we can highlight any week areas of your site and highlight these as areas for improvement. On the other hand, if the site is currently performing well in certain areas we will carry this across to your new site.

The next phase is to develop our initial site designs and wireframes. These will form the basis of what the site will look like as well as all of the different pages that the site will contain. Once these designs have been approved then an interactive prototype will be made to allow you to interact with the site as if it were real to get the closest feeling to what the finished product will look like. This is one of the main differences that we offer as other agencies do not, giving you a real hands-on approach to the site development process.

The final and most exciting part of the process is the build. This is the part that takes the longest from our perspective but is the most rewarding as we keep you updated on how the site is coming along every stage of the process.

Finally, you will receive a development site link which you can use to check over the site before we role out the website to the live site. 

Here at predator web, we feel this is the best approach of any web development company in Worcestershire. To find out more contact us here.