Top set trends 2019

Top SEO Trends 2019

2019 is going to be a huge year for SEO. With such the rate that technology is advancing and the speed in which Google is updating it’s algorithms that power it’s search engine, it’s important to stay on top of these changes. Below we outline our predictions to what will be important in the world of SEO in 2019.

Google Page Speed

Google page speed arguably makes up such a big part of the way that Google ranks your site. You can test your site to see your page score here . The results from this test will let you know the ways that you can improve the loading speed of your site. .A good score in 2019 is above 90 as this shows that you have put effort into making sure that your site is well optimised. If you use WordPress there are lots of available plugins to help you achieve this score. W3 Total Cache is our personal favorite as it allows you to achiave many of the toughest requirements such as page caching and minifcation. We offer this at Predator Web Worcester as part of our SEO audit and will let you know what your page speed is.

Mobile First

Since March 2018 Google has started ranking sites based on how the content is rendered on a mobile phone. This means that when building your site you should make sure that content is displayed well on a mobile. Here at Predator Web Worcester we make sure that all of our sites are built with a mobile first approach and your content looks predentable on a mobile device.

Content Is Key

One of the main SEO features that cannot be overlooked is the content that is on your site. This content must be quality as Google needs to see your site as an expert source. This means having original content on your site which is around 500 words. Here at Predator Web Worcester we can help you achaive the content on your site that you need to get you up the rankings.