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Using MJML To Make Stand Out Email Marketing Campaigns

Many people don’t know the benefit that a great email marketing campaign can offer to their business. It can draw up new clients or entice current or old customers to take up a new product or service.

For years it was an incredibly tedious task making templates and good looking templates that work in as many email clients as possible. However, this is often time-consuming for your web developers and it can be frustrating receiving emails from your recipients saying they couldn’t view the content correctly. This finally changes with the introduction of MJML. Built by mail jet (https://www.mailjet.com) this solution is a write once and deploy everywhere something that email developers have been calling out for. MJML allows your developers to build using prebuilt components that are made up of some of the most popular elements that you may wish to use in an email. Such as a navigation bar or a call to action button. The best part for your business and developers is that it is open source. This means that if MJML is ever not supported in the future or you wish to add your own components to MJML you are free and able to do so. MJML also has unlimited capabilities for designs so now you’re no longer limited by only a couple of style options like background colour and width and height.

MJML is used by some of the worlds biggest companies to help them create great looking emails. It also allows you to use global areas in your emails. This means you can add a tag called [[first name]] and then when you send the email this variable can be replaced with whatever the first name of the receiver is. This adds a personal touch to emails which clients love.

For reference all of the emails we send out here at predator web are built using MJML and we rely on it to create eye catching content on our emails that our clients are glad to receive in their inboxes.

If you wish to find out more about MJML then click the link here https://mjml.io